Gabby Haze | Sunset Concert Series | 7pm – 10pm

Barren Ridge Vineyards is excited to have Gabby Haze, October 20, 2017 for our Sunset Concert Series!

You are welcome to pack your dinner, bring a picnic or some light bites! Give us a call for reservations of 6 people or more! Admission is $10.00 and of course our Crush Club members get in for free!

Call us today and reserve your table!

Americana, Folk Rock, and Blues all come together when Gabby Haze mixes tight harmonies and an unusual assortment of instruments including autoharp, sax, flute, acoustic guitar, keyboard, harmonica, congas, various percussion instruments and stand up bass. The result is a selection of original songs written by band members Dave Magnone and Dan Layman along with covers of The Beatles, John Prine, Arlo Guthrie, The Band, Bob Dylan, John Sebastian, Hootie Ledbetter, Steve Goodman and Hank Williams. When Gabby Haze does covers, they don’t try to sound like the original artists, they play the tunes in their own style.


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