Corporate and Private Events


As well as offering a great space for weddings, Barren Ridge also makes a great spot for local, corporate and private events.  We have various size spaces to work with.  Smaller intimate groups like book clubs, may prefer the warmth of our tasting room.  More opulent parties may opt for renting the Audrey Blackford room space.  Barren Ridge also has patio seating appropriate for warmer weather gatherings as well.  The warmth of the old apple packaging barn mixed with the renovated stone spaces and high ceilings truly makes any event feel the relaxation, of returning home again.

Additionally, Barren Ridge has a number of convenient features that will make your event easier.  Barren Ridge has restrooms upstairs and downstairs.  The whole facility is air-conditioned and a heated floor system.  Their is an integrated and zoned sound system.  This allows for different inputs to be used at various spaces of the building.  This way, a microphone can be used to communicate with conference guests, while the patio and tasting room can have ambient music.  While Barren Ridge does have Sirius radio available there is a 3.5mm jack hookup.  This allows our guests to make special playlists from their laptops, tablets or smartphones and also play through the building’s sound system.

If needed, Barren Ridge also has a projector for your presentation needs.  Whether a lecture on the latest surgical technique or a touching video history of a parent, both would be easy to hook up and display.

For questions on pricing please contact Shelby ([email protected]).