No Fault Friends on Sunday, April 30th!

If you like to visit Barren Ridge on a Saturday afternoon, chances are you have enjoyed hearing Larry Ragland sing and play his guitar in our tasting room or out on the patio (or, occasionally up at the cabin). Now we are so delighted to welcome Larry and his band No Fault Friends for a complimentary afternoon of live music on Sunday, April 30th! Bring a picnic and some friends, order a bottle or two, and sit back and relax-hopefully on the patio, weather permitting-to enjoy some great local talent free of charge!

About the band…

Larry Ragland, Danny Dolinger, and Lex Park are neighbors living in Staunton, all of whom share a life-long love of music. They get together as their busy schedules and family commitments allow to make music as the No Fault Friends band.

Danny Dolinger’s life has been built around music. From high school bluegrass bands to rock and roll and country music bands, to sweet singer-songwriter tunes of his own creation, Danny’s been making music all his life, all over the country, from coast to coast. And when he’s not making music, he’s repairing fretted instruments at Fretboss, his sole-proprietor business. A master on the Fender Telecaster, he’s played locally with the Jeremy Staubus band, Six Shot Rebellion, and (currently) Over Drive with James Painter.

Lex Park and family moved to Staunton from the Norfolk area in 2013. By day a telecommuting graphic artist with Old Dominion University, Lex loves music and plays several instruments. But the bass is his speciality, graduating to the stand-up bass (from Fretwells) shortly after moving to Staunton. He makes a lot of music with local celeb Nathan Moore, including entertainment cruises, music festivals, and recording sessions, and he is steadily involved with a number of other area bands.

Larry Ragland and his wife Diane moved to Staunton during 2013-2014 from their home south of Richmond. Larry has been in love with music since childhood, getting his first guitar at the age of 13 and never losing his love for it. Church choirs, both singing and directing, kept him in active voice as he worked a career as engineer-turned-business manager, with a new guitar from Diane every now and then along the way. Mostly retired now, he is more active than ever as a musician, mainly as an acoustic solo-gig artist, and having the time of his life.

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